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Cobra's Event disclosed

Anmerkung: ich bedanke mich bei Fabio für die Übersetzung ins Englische.

In advance a brief summary

It’s the Mossad, who plans to achieve global power during the faked event.

Cobra’s event is no spiritual event, that’s just a pretext. In reality it is a coup by the secret services and the military to achieve global control and actually establish the "one-world-government" under US-Israeli leadership.

The following course is planned fort he false liberation-act:

There will be a huge power failure. They will spread rumors, that it is caused by solar storms. It is not, instead the power failure will be caused artificially with technologies, to which Mossad, CIA etc. have access to.

Those who followed the solar storm-theme may have observed, that there have been many, even heavy solar storms since 2011, who had no effect at all on the electronics. But since years the idea has smartly been put into people’s heads, that there will be a power failure to a catastrophic extent „because of a solar storm“.

That power failure, that will happen primarily in the USA, Canada and Europe, pobably also in Australia, will of course lead to huge chaos, mass panic, plunder and massacres. That will be too much for Gouvernments to handle and they won’t be able to maintain peace and order.

This organization will then take control and send home the overstrained governments.

This organization is the „stay-behind“-force, who has been preparing for a long time that coup, wich Cobra talks about more and more openly.

It’s a consortium of the international cabal with 80 to 90 percent Mossad-proportion, the others are high-ranking members of the global elite, secret services and CEO’s of the usual sectors.
The name oft he organization is: Elctric Infrastructure Security Council (abbreviated : EIS).

Cobra himself disclosed the real force behind his Event, giving the hint, that his so-called „resistance-movement“ was involved in the „Earth-Ex“-exercise on august 23, carried out by this dubious organization.

This organization EIS prepares itself very concretely for the assumption of control (governance) in the western world through especially trained military and secret service-staff, as soon as a long and huge blackout will occur (be caused) creating the wanted confusion.

Cobras EVENT exposed! – Global coup under leadership of secret services.

Guest commentary Od

For years I have been observing very accurately the announcements of Cobra about his event. Right from the start one thing made me prick up my ears, because it is very unusual for a spiritual agenda: the inclusion of open and direct violence.

Ths aspect was included very openly from the very beginning in Cobra‘s agenda. Right from the start he spoke about mass arrests of the cabal through a „resistance movement“, under inclusion of supposedly positive military-, police- and secret service-forces. Cobra also reported in a military language about fights who took place, "cleaning" of bases and acts of destruction on hostile forces.

I really wondered about all his followers coming from the esoteric spectrum, who are dedicated to light and love and totally reject Violence, never questioning anything.

It seems that violence is then suddenly ok, if carried out by an invisible resistance force against the negative side. This episode schows me just one thing, namely how naive, inconsequent and uncunscious Cobra’s followers are. But this shall not be the subject of discussion any further.

There are several strategy-papers of Cobra or instructions for D-day, that have been developped by his people. Even if Cobra did not use this expression publicly, these descriptions are about a military coup, or in other words : a global coup détat using direct violence.

That sounds very interesting to me, since I had recognized a long time ago, that such a physical disempowerment of the global negative elite has to take place.

(the so-called "Resistance Movement").

This made me become sceptical and curious about it at the same time, because I know, how sharp the system fires back with all available funds, if any kind of real opposition is growing somewhere.

Let’s get back to the strategy-papers, who are released by Cobra’s official websites.

They show the concept, that the members of the event-support-groups will have to distribute these flyers at the day of the event and calm down local leaders as well as the population.

In Cobra’s immagination the event looks like this: The galactic central sun sends an impulse that causes solar storms or changes in the magnetic field, wich is the start signal for shutting down the banking system with a worldwide blackout and computer failure. The mass arrests of the cabal should also beginn at this time.

The concept, that during the emerging chaos the mostly female and not so young members of Cobra’s event-support-groups will run to police-, military- and fire brigade-forces to give them good advice ist just ludicrous.

In the papers above it is clearly stated, that previously informed, prepared and coordinated military-, police- and secret service-forces will be present on D-day and will perform the measures. And those will not be regional police- and civil protection-forces, because they will be switched off electricity.

Of course it is reasonable to ask the question, under whose leadership is this global coup détat taking place? Who did inform and prepare the emergency services?

Who’s got connections and access on international level to military, government and police? And who’s got the technical means to assure himself sufficient power supply even during a total blackout?

The answer to these questions has been given by Cobra himself now.

Let’s take a look again at how Cobra is imagining the event in detail. It is introduced by a natural phenomenon in wich the sun is supposed to take part. Therefore a massive solar eruption causing geomagnetic storms, who then will supposedly influence the magnetic field of the earth strongly enough to switch off from electricity a big part of the earth’s population.

This will set off an avalanche of happenings, that will lead to a total breakdown of computer networks, logistics, energy supply and payment transactions, in short to a breakdown of western civilization. Of course the financial system as well as the economic system will also break down, which means there will be no more food supply. In Cobra’s words this will then be the restart of the international banking system and the phase, in which the dark cabals will be arrested.

Cobra celebrated the mass meditation to the solar eclipse as a great success, that brings the event within reach. He now is very shure, that the event is soon imminent and so he released very concrete informations about the forces, who will bring back order into the chaos.

Literally he writes on 23. August 2017 :

EARTH EX exercise that is taking place today is now giving extremely valuable intel to the Resistance about how to maintain the infrastructure when the Event happens:
Certain Resistance agents are involved in this exercise in a certain way and this will bring us another step closer to the Event.“

Let’s take a deeper look at this Earth-Ex exercise and the organizer of this exercise, the EIS-Council. Then we’ll come very fast to the gist of the matter.

The EIS-Council is a committee, located in Washington DC, who has dadicated itself to the international electronical civil protection. The abbreviation stands for

The Electric Infrastructure Security Council

That’s how these people describe their responsibility:

EIS Council hosts national and international collaboration on resilience and whole community restoration and response planning, addressing severe, national and global scale hazards to lifeline infrastructures.

In other words, they plan and coordinate and provide all resources, to take control in communities, cities and states wordwide, if Black-Sky-Events are happening. For a good purpose of course, because they are the ones, who dispose of the knowledge, the technologies and the well trained and schooled staff, to manage something like that.

They claim to be the «Global Agency for Technical Relief» which will globally take command immediately in the case of massive catastrophes.

As occurrencies, that will make them be on the spot, they name:


  • EMP High Altitude Magnetic Pulse
  • IEMI Intentional Magnetic Interference
  • Cyber Terrorism
  • Coordinated Physical Assault (Anschläge)
    natural disasters:
  • Seismic Event High Magnitude Earthquake
  • GMD Geomagnetic Disturbance
  • Hurricances and other storms

  • When everything goes down in darkness and chaos, they will be the ones, who are well equipped and prepared, therefore capable of acting. As the one and only force on the globe. That means, they will then be the only ones with coordinated executive force and they will utilize it.

  • So on 23. August this EIS-Council organized some kind of civil protection-exercise. Participants of this exercise were high-ranking CEO’s, high members of governmental agencies (secret service employees) and NGO’s (supranational lobby organizations). Only invited guests were allowed to participate. The following issues were edited there:

  • It was shown, how to establish „operational lines“ (chains of command) for institutions from different areas. Strategies were set out about how to absorb the incidents. They have practiced, how the coordination has to be managed and which priorities have to be set. They also dealt with the issue of taking critical desicions.

    • This sounds unspectacular so I want to tell what’s behind this sober military language. „Set priorities and take critical desicions“ means nothing else than deciding, who will get which kind of supply first, who shall stay alive and who is irrelevant, and deciding who gets interned, who is allowed to go and who should better be executed immediately.

    • So a committee has been formed, consisting of high-ranking members of the global elite, that is preparing very concretely to take control of all areas of life during the catastrophe that in their opinion is soon going to happen.

    • So, if we now take a look at the members of this committee and their network, we must unfortunately discover that they will really be able to do it. So it is not an empty vessel.

    • The list of members as well as the list of speakers at this congress sounds like a Who-Is-Who-list of M-O-S-S-A-D, in harmony with C-I-A, N-S-A etc.

    • You can research the names on your own with the following links.

    • The issues that were edited during these congresses show, that these people know much more about the application of advanced technologies and what it can be used for, than we normal humans could ever immagine.

      Now we just have to add one and one together.

    • These people openly admit, that EMP’s and IEMI’s are human-made events (as mentioned above). So there will be no „sun sending an electromagnetical impuls as a sign fort he event“. And from the presentation themes at their concressess it appears, that they are well informed about it and have a lot of experience in practicing it.So that’s what they will do: Artificially initiate something as told above, probably a combination of differt points. They always have the possibilities to do it.

    • Then they will inform the public, that it is a natural phenomenon or a terror attack.

    • Then they will appear as heroic saviors and strong leaders, who bring back order into the chaos.

    • They will be the only ones still disposing of functioning technology as well as resources (fuel, food, water, weapon systems) and employees, trimmed to follow obediently any given order.

    • They will send back home the totally overstrained governments and will declare a state of emergency. They are well prepared and will then decide, who will get electricity and food supply first, and who will not. They also will take the opportunity to deliver disturbing people quickly into internment camps.

    • Vice versa they will tolerate some upcoming riots and massacres, if they think it’s right. They will stand idly by and will not stop the hordes going berserk. I think about the Situation in Germany, where millions of Moslems with high propensity to violence are waiting for the opportunity, to finally slaughter the rest of the german population.

    • If Cobra now is writing, that the agents of his resistance took part at this training, where only invited guests were allowed to participate, then this means, that they are part of it. With these informations he disclosed, which group really is behind his event and how far their preparations have already progressed.

    • It’s no spiritual event, that’s just a pretext. It is a very concrete global military coup of the primary israeli secret service. Along with infinitely much suffering and chaos, caused by the artificially produced breakdown of energy supply with all its catastrophic consequences.

    Part 2

    I hope everybody has understood, what the plan is. It is in fact concretely planned and could probably happen very soon. It is now extremely important to make as much people as possible become aware of it, to prevent this «event».

    This article was not written with the intent to generate fear, panic and negative expectations or fatalism, but to warn about this possible development and avert this false liberation-act.

    Detected danger – Averted danger.

    We ask all the readers, not to fall into negative feelings now, but just to become even more awake and attentive and not be deceived by fake-events of false liberators. Learn to distinguish which spiritual or social forces really are sympathetic to us. It’s those who stand for freedom, autonomy, truthfulness and self-responsibility of humans. Those who strive for a superior human civilisation in accordance with nature.


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